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Gearah GoldsteinGearah is a nationally-recognized LGBTQ subject matter expert and diversity & inclusion consultant who works tirelessly to eliminate fear surrounding topics of race, gender, ethnicity, love, and acceptance. She speaks publicly with tenderness and encourages a positive environment that opens hearts and minds. Gearah’s primary focus includes helping further the implementation of public and private policies that add gender inclusion practices. She is a training consultant for hospital networks, government agencies, educators, school faculty, businesses, organizations, law-enforcement personnel, students, and families.

Gearah is a founder of The GenderCool Project, an awareness campaign and non-profit spotlighting exceptional stories of the accomplishments of transgender youth. The campaign aims to open up understanding in communities across the country by introducing WHO these remarkable kids are and not WHAT they are.

Gearah is often invited to speak at professional conferences, universities, and schools. She has been featured across national media, including: NBC’s TODAY Show; the New York Times; RollingStone; CBS; ABC; NPR; and many other media outlets.

Prior to her advocacy work, Gearah was a co-founder of NatureSpace Holographic Audio Theater, LLC, a world leader in the creation of spatially-accurate 3D sound recordings. One of the first apps in Apple’s AppStore, it continues to build a loyal 5-Star audience around the world with its impressive catalog of sounds. Now available on all mobile platforms, NatureSpace helps millions of people manage stress and anxiety, insomnia, tinnitus, and PTSD. It is also a powerful tool for enhancing focus and concentration, stimulating the imagination, fueling creativity, and eliminating distractions by masking unwanted noise.

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Help us open up understanding around the gender conversation by telling more and more stories of remarkable transgender children across the country.

DONATE The GenderCool Project seeks to reach every corner of the country with positive and powerful stories about who transgender kids and their peer allies are rather than what they are. We leave the labels at the door and build understanding through storytelling about the accomplishments of these remarkable young leaders.