Lia is a fifteen-year-old high schooler who loves to perform, sing, draw and compete on her school and club soccer teams. What fuels her the most is connecting with people and hearing their stories and opinions. She’s fascinated by the world around her, and tells her parents she’s loving life as a teenager.

Lia has always been focused on bringing truth to the forefront of every conversation. When she was eight years old, she was featured in one of the country’s first-ever documentaries by PBS’s Frontline on transgender young people titled Growing up Trans. Most recently, Lia worked with Freedom New Hampshire to pass a bill adding protections to transgender people in the state based on gender identity. She is on the speaker circuit in her state, regularly participating in panel discussions to help people replace their opinions with real experiences of meeting young people like herself.

Lia is the first to admit that keeping her room clean is a daily challenge. She’s much more interested in changing the world for the better and believes the more conversations we have, the stronger, healthier and happier we’ll all be.