Morgan is a fourteen-year-old who is constantly in search of the next breathtaking image to capture. Her photography career began at age 10, snapping pictures on hikes and around her home with her mom’s iPhone.

She submitted one of her early shots of a fox to her local newspaper and was super excited when they published it! In 2016, Morgan’s parents got her a Nikon L840 so she could continue to explore her budding photography talent.

Since then, Morgan has taken thousands of pictures, been published in books, magazines, newspapers, and websites, and has been honored with several awards. Her work is even in Joe Biden’s home! She currently shoots with a Sony a6000 and an array of lenses suitable for macro to landscape subjects.

Morgan loves nature. She believes there are many ways to view our surroundings and our environment. She aims to capture the beauty in both the everyday and the extraordinary.

She says, “We have one world, and not everyone in it gets to experience all its beauty. I hope my photography will inspire people to treat our earth well.”