Diversity & Inclusion In Practice


Want to create an inclusive, socially responsible and responsive corporate climate and culture? Want to better support parent employees of transgender children? Want to attract the top talent of the NextGen workforce?

We create dynamic, custom GenderCool virtual or in-person experiences that will empower your leadership and employees to be the best they can be. A high-octane GenderCool event will have your entire community on their feet, clapping, laughing, crying…forever changed. It’s what we do because it’s who we are.


What Does a GenderCool Partnership Feel Like?


Conagra panel

In celebration of National Coming Out Day 2018, GenderCool partnered with Conagra Brands, Citibank and Allstate for an impactful Chicago Talk Tour. At each company, our Champions conducted a high energy, fireside chat in front of live (and virtual) employees from around the world, sharing their stories, points of views and answering questions in real-time.


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