Replacing Opinions with Experiences

In two short years, what began as a national storytelling campaign has become a movement with global impact. The GenderCool Project is centered around a cohort of extraordinary, passionate young people—our Champions — who are leading the conversation about gender. Every day, they help people understand that transgender and non-binary kids are just like all other kids.

Our Movement

The GenderCool Project was inspired by the powerful, positive experience of one family. Jen and John are the parents of four, including a 13 year old daughter, Chazzie (She/Her), who proudly identifies as transgender.

In stark contrast to the deeply meaningful and positive experience of hundreds of thousands of families, Jen and John encountered a tsunami of mis-information about raising transgender and non-binary children.

Something had to be done. Jen found a mentor and friend in Gearah Goldstein, an expert on diversity and inclusion, a wife, a parent, and a proud transgender person. Together, they joined forces with five extraordinary young people and their families to launch The GenderCool Project.

Today, GenderCool has become a worldwide movement.

We are blown away by the talent and dedication of our teen Champions. We are humbled and honored by the commitment of our Allies. We are emboldened by the outpouring of love and support – from chat boards, to boardrooms, to media, to corporate campuses, to national summits.

Join us creating workplace that welcomes all and a world where everyone belongs.

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