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From her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee – to her invitation to join First Lady Jill Biden’s “virtual box” at the President’s Address before the Joint Session of Congress – Champion Stella Keating (she/her), and the GenderCool Champions, are moving the needle on the Equality Act.

Stella’s family & friends have launched a campaign to support GenderCool’s historic effort. As always, 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes towards amplifying our message.


On behalf of Champion Stella and the entire GenderCool Family, THANK YOU for your support. This is how we change the world. Together.

Stella is the first transgender teen to testify in front of the United States Senate. Click the arrow to watch Stella’s opening testimony. Read her complete opening remarks here.

“I am a young person who believes in the value of hard work, respecting others and giving back to my community. I’ve loved politics my entire life, and it’s my goal to run for public office someday.  I just need the chance to live my life and achieve my dreams. Passing the Equality Act will allow me the freedom to do that in whatever state I choose to live in. Shouldn’t I have the right to live freely in the country that I love?”

Watch the video featuring GenderCool Champions that opened the hearing.

Join Champion Stella and thousands of others to push Congress to pass the Equality Act which would protect LGBTQ people across key areas of life.

Get informed: press release and social media toolkit.

Stella responds to a question about transgender kids playing sports.

GenderCool is honored to be featured as a resource in the Senate’s digital toolkit for understanding transgender and non-binary youth. Check it out here. If you know of a company or organization that could benefit from our dynamic in-person/virtual programming, please send ’em our way!

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“Stella (she/her), you are AMAZING. You are a light in this world. I thank God for you. I celebrate and cherish your leadership. I look forward to you and I, potentially one day, being colleagues here in the United States Senate.”

Joshua Johnson Interview with Stella

Click the arrow to watch the interview with Joshua Johnson (he/him)

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