Corporate Partnerships

GenderCool engages in six powerful ways with our partners, helping to move them from “envisioning progress” to “making progress happen.”


Dynamic, thought-provoking and entirely fun speaking engagements led by our Champions! Fresh, intersectional opportunities for collaboration across Employee Resource Groups, DEI, HR and Corporate Social Responsibility.

GenderCool at Out and Equal

“Amazing, well articulated stories. Thank you for sharing your stories and thank you for making me smile. With young people like yourselves, the world has leaders to take us to the next level and through any adversary.”

GenderCool corporate event attendees

“This is so powerful!! VIRTUAL CLAPS for these beautiful souls for sharing their stories with us.”

GenderCool corporate event attendees

“Amazing panel, thanks so much for presenting this to the community and thank you to the panelists for the participation and openness!”

GenderCool corporate event attendees

“I feel more hopeful about the present and future after listening to these young individuals share their stories. Your leadership is inspiring.”

GenderCool corporate event attendees

“Listening to the 5 of you discuss intersectionality with such grace, and so clearly articulated is inspiring. I have so much hope today because of you. So much love for you all.”

GenderCool corporate event attendees

“Thank you so much for your courage and for paving the way for so many people and the greater awareness to all of us! Thank you so much!!!! Inspiring!!!”

GenderCool corporate event attendees

“Champions, you are all so amazing and inspiring! And kudos to all the parents for being wonderful role models. Thank you!!”

GenderCool corporate event attendees

“Wow. This is such a great event!”

GenderCool corporate event attendees

“This is incredible! Thank you for bringing this important message to us!”

GenderCool corporate event attendees

“This was absolutely wonderful. Thank you very much for allowing us to hear your experiences. We love and support your journey! P.S. These young people speak with more eloquence and poise than a lot of leaders I know. If these are the future leaders of the world, we are in great hands!”

GenderCool corporate event attendees

Reverse Mentorship Program

Access to employment can completely change the life of a young person—of ALL people—in marginalized communities.

We sensed an organic evolution in the work GenderCool was doing. Our partners consistently asked to engage more with our Champions, wanting to offer additional opportunities for personal growth and development, both for our Champions and their own employees.

In 2020, we launched the GenderCool Champion Reverse Mentorship Program with our amazing partner Intuit. The program has made a profound and measurable impact, and we are now rolling it out to our network.

DEI/HR Consulting

  • Helping to create best practices for inclusivity in the workplace.
  • Evolving language used in talent acquisition and retention programming
  • Engaging diverse groups of employees at all levels with meaningful, comfortable conversations
  • Providing input and guidance on best ways to evolve benefits for transgender employees and parent employees of transgender and non-binary children

Public Engagements

Our partners are taking action internally to make their workplaces more inclusive. They aren’t just talking. They are doing. With this context, we strategically partner to create external content that celebrates that progress, helping to raise awareness among their key stakeholders about this important work.

Click to watch a video of our Be You partnership with Dell Technologies.

Concierge Support for Parent Employees of Transgender and Non-Binary Children

GenderCool is highly networked across all critical areas of support and decision making for families and their amazing young people. We offer one-on-one support in the areas of:

  • Inclusive school policy
  • Affirming healthcare partners
  • Positive parent-to-parent communication
  • Positive connections for employee’s children with other young people to build community

“I was frozen with fear and did not know even know how to take a first step. I didn’t even know I could choose how to feel about my kid’s transition. But you changed that. I had the conversations you encouraged me to have with our family members, and the massive anxiety I had is gone.”

Parent employees of trans and non-binary kids

“You helped me change my inner dialogue and that is huge…So far, you have been the most helpful and caring voice I have found. I can’t thank you enough.”

Parent employees of trans and non-binary kids

Multilingual Speaking Engagements

GenderCool moves communities across the world with the power of our positivity. Delivered in English and Spanish, our founders, Champions and their parents understand and embrace the cultural differences surrounding this incredibly important conversation.

Gearah and kids at Sanofi