Bobby (He/Him) is a fourteen-year-old athlete who enjoys all sports, especially soccer. Bobby also adores all animals, big and small.

Bobby began playing soccer at the age of two and a few years ago really dove into the keeper position. Bobby loves attending double practices, trying new sports, designing his own workouts, and finding new and fun ways to keep his body active. When Bobby is not doing something sports related, he is hanging out with his two small dogs, Pippen and Denali, and loves to train them and take them on neighborhood walks.

He enjoys listening to all kinds of music and has songs blaring all the time. Bobby also enjoys designing rooms and furniture in 3-D programs. His design aesthetic is a combination of functional and modern, with clean and streamlined designs for small spaces. Bobby even designed and helped build his own desk for his remote learning needs.

Bobby lives with his younger brother Hudson, who is his biggest fan and ally. The two brothers live with their mom and dad who love them both dearly and support them whole-heartedly in all their super cool endeavors!