Chazzie (She/Her) is a fifteen-year-old high school freshman with passion for volunteering. She is also deeply interested in other cultures and languages and is determined to become fluent in Spanish by the time she graduates high school.

Chazzie is singularly focused on living her life with purpose. Her personal journey was the inspiration behind The GenderCool Project, a national storytelling campaign and movement helping to replace misinformed opinions with positive, powerful experiences meeting dynamic young people who identify as transgender and non-binary. She realizes that by telling her story, she is helping people understand that transgender and non-binary kids are just like all other kids.

Chazzie has spoken at corporations, conferences, black tie galas and schools across the country and has been featured in national and local media including The Today Show, New York Times, USA Today, ABC News, NBC News, Adweek, WGN-TV, Chicago Sun Times, and Windy City Times.

Chazzie is currently learning American Sign Language (ASL), is a huge Glossier fan and can usually be found with her best friend Creek, who she’s known since they were babies. Chazzie has three older brothers, Max, Lev, and Jess, and an energetic Portuguese Water Dog named Reef.