Daniel loves to develop meaningful connections and laugh with others. At fifteen-years-old, this 10th grader is into spending time with friends, exploring new classes and learning about who he is. In his free time, you can find Daniel playing Catan and hanging out with friends on Minecraft, learning to skateboard, performing in drama productions, and directing films starring his friends and family. Summer vacation brings his favorite things—swimming and kayaking. This summer he aspires to work as a camp counselor, and hopes to contribute as a positive mentor in building confidence and self-esteem in children.

At the age of 9, Daniel was featured in the PBS Frontline Documentary, Growing Up Trans, and he has continued to share his messages of acceptance and understanding with major companies who prioritize inclusivity within their workforces. Being a GenderCool Champion, sharing his experiences, and facing his stage fright, has been one of the greatest highlights of his young life. Daniel aims to embody his favorite quote by Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”