Meet Kai



Kai (he/him) is a seventeen-year-old filmmaker and performer, known for his charismatic personality, smarts, and amazing sense of humor.

He is a passionate member of his school’s drama club, starring in several musicals and plays. He is also the school’s Class of 2021 President, an active participant in his school’s Gender Equality Club, and a certified NCBI leader. In his free time, you’ll find Kai making movies with his friends, writing songs and screenplays, or working out at the gym. He’s taken up guitar and tennis and loves to try new things.

Kai believes that being a well-rounded individual is the best way to live your life, and is proud to call himself a GenderCool Champion.

About Kai

  • Pronouns: He, him, his
  • Favorite 2 songs/artists: Somebody Else by The 1975, Ribs by Lorde
  • Favorite clothing line: American Eagle
  • Dream vacation and why: I’d love to visit one of the small islands in Greece, the water there is so beautiful and it looks like the definition of paradise.