Max (He/Him) is a thirteen-year-old bright, freckle-faced middle schooler with a musical mind and a drive to stay active.

He began Tae Kwon Do at age four and by age nine had already earned his black belt. He then moved to gymnastics. Max was quickly recruited to join the competition team and now competes in meets all across the country. When he’s not doing back handsprings in the backyard or handstands in the living room, he can be found either playing an instrument like the cello, vihuela, ukulele, or playing with his rescue cats, Babykitty and Mr. Poopers.

Max has high marks in school and is in several advanced placement classes. He and his friends spend their time doing a million push ups at recess and hanging out after school on the trampoline in someone’s backyard. His CD player is usually a mix of Tom Petty, The Beatles, and Leon Bridges, and he dreams of being a famous musician or Olympic athlete someday.

Max lives with his younger sister Lulu, and his mom and dad, who love him unconditionally.