Sivan (he/him) is an active, passionate, and determined 16 year old. Sivan is an athlete, and has played soccer, basketball, baseball, and football since he was a little kid. While he loves playing all sports, soccer is his favorite and the one he is most passionate about. He started playing soccer when he was just five years old, and at nine years old joined a club team. From there, he made it onto travel and even academy teams. These days, he plays for his school and trains with a private coach.

While Sivan is a big soccer player, he has many other interests as well. He wants to make the world a better place, and is devoted to working on social justice issues. Currently, he serves on a local COVID-19 youth commission working to address the racial and economic inequities that have been highlighted during this pandemic, and is working to help make his community a better place.

Last year, Sivan started learning American Sign Language (ASL) with his two brothers. He also speaks Hebrew, and loves going to Israel (which he has gone to almost every other summer since he was four years old).

When he’s not playing soccer, working on social justice issues, or learning ASL, you can find him hanging out with his twin brother, playing with his family’s 3 year old goldendoodle, chilling with his friends, babysitting, volunteering, and so much more!

Above all, Sivan is passionate about sharing his story and showing people how awesome and inspiring transgender youth are!