The GenderCool Project launched nationwide on February 20th, 2018 on The Today Show!

GenderCool on The Today Show

Below, please find links to each of the program segments.

Hear the inspiring message one transgender girl and her parents want to share
When Chazzie Grosshandler was in fourth grade, she summoned up the courage to tell her parents that she was not a boy, as she was designated at birth, but a girl.

Sibling of one transgender girl speaks out: ‘It profoundly affected me in such a positive way.’
The three older brothers of Chazzie Grosshandler share their experiences learning to embrace their youngest sibling.

5 transgender teens talk about The GenderCool Project and how important it is to feel supported
Five transgender teenagers discuss the national campaign they are members of called The GenderCool Project, which promotes acceptance and support of transgender children and teens.

Founders of The GenderCool Project address myths about transgender kids, address rollback of rights
Gearah Goldstein and Jennifer Grosshandler, co-founders of transgender advocacy campaign The GenderCool Project, address misplaced fears some parents have.

Dad of 12-year-old transgender child: ‘He’s trying to be his best self’
Meet Daniel, who at 7 already knew he wanted to transition, and his story will inspire you.