Meet Gia


Gia is a 14-year-old high school freshman. An honors student, Gia also excels in sports. She was a member of her co-ed middle school cross country and track team since fifth grade and graduated middle school as the team captain.

She earned all-state and all-conference and led the girls to one of their best seasons ever. As an all-sport athlete Gia began freshman year on the all-girls field hockey team. Her speed earned her a place on the JV team, and, despite being a novice to the sport, she ended the season as the second highest goal scorer. She is also a member of the Peace Club as well as the Family Career and Community Service Leaders of America. Gia loves hanging out with her besties, shopping, playing with makeup and being with family.

About Gia

  • Preferred name/pronouns: She/her
  • Favorite 2 songs/artists: Taylor Swift/Gorgeous Despactio/ Luis Fonsi
  • Favorite clothing line: American Eagle
  • Dream vacation and why: Tropical island vacation like Punta Cana because of the crystal clear waters

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