Gia (She/Her) is a seventeen-year-old high school senior who excels in academics and sports and loves acting and modeling.

After transitioning before the start of eighth grade, Gia was uncertain about returning to her co-ed middle school’s cross country team. Her coach and teammates both urged her to come back. She did, and was named captain, earning all-state and all-conference championships. She also plays field hockey, becoming her high school’s second highest goal scorer ever.

She has held numerous leadership positions in her student government, the Gay-Straight Alliance Club, and the Peace Project and Family, Career and Community Service Leaders of America. Her advocacy work has been featured in People Magazine’s Coming Out Stories, Entertainment Weekly, and a national GAP campaign. She was featured in an episode of the Emmy-winning show POSE.

Gia loves hanging out with her besties, shopping, playing with makeup and being with family.