Hunter is a fifteen-year-old aerialist, dancer and animal lover. In between their busy schedule of school, aerial dance, dance team and volunteering at the animal shelter, they enjoy horseback riding and spending time with the amazing humans in their life. At home, Hunter has fostered over 60 kittens through the local humane society and has learned to bottle feed, administer IV medications and is great at getting them ready for their forever homes.

At school, Hunter is focused on studying physiology and health occupations. They love learning and doing the best that they can to influence others positively. Hunter is an active member of their school’s GSA and has represented their school in several day-long state-wide GSA summits. Hunter is an active participant in several other social justice matters and is seriously committed to trying to use sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Hunter’s favorite food is tofu, rice, and watermelon. Hoodies are Hunter’s favorite article of clothing although their sneaker collection is growing!

They aim to inspire people to be themselves. Hunter loves to say “You are perfect just the way you are. We all are.”