Meet Jonathan


Jonathan is a seventeen-year-old who has a unparalleled thirst for knowledge. When he was 13, Jonathan decided high school wasn’t right for him, so he took the steps necessary to enter college directly from junior high. Jonathan is now a junior in college, and his course load includes microbiology, calculus, and philosophy. He is majoring in biochemistry and hopes to attend an MD/PhD program in New York City when he graduates. Jonathan’s dream is to become a doctor and provide compassionate care for all who need it.

While Jonathan takes pride in his academics, he has other passions as well. These include snowboarding, photography, art, and playing the guitar.

About Jonathan

  • Pronouns: He, him, his
  • Favorite 2 songs/artists: Neck Deep, Blackbear
  • Favorite clothing line: American Eagle
  • Dream vacation and why: The Philippines so I can visit my extended family, plus it is extremely beautiful.