Landon is a gifted eighteen-year-old musician and passionate advocate for transgender rights. He is currently a freshman in the honors program at The University of Houston.

He came out as transgender when he was eleven-years-old, just before the start of his seventh grade year. During the early part of his transition in eighth grade, he found a voice for advocacy, founding both his middle school and high school’s GSA programs.

Landon has participated in local and state initiatives to expand and protect trans rights, testified in front of his school board and state legislators, and delivered the Federal Club Pitch at the Houston Chapter’s Human Rights Campaign annual gala. 

His advocacy work has been featured in Rolling Stone’s ‘Trans in the South: Meet Kids Finding Acceptance in the Bible Belt,’ a story chronicling his experience growing up as a trans in the South. Landon has a massive social media presence, with an Instagram following of some 31K followers. He hopes that by sharing his candid story, he can help inspire young people to live life as their true and authentic selves.