Meet Stella



Stella (she/her) is a sixteen-year-old future politician who is empowering young people across the country to create systemic change. She began her political career at 10-years-old, when she spoke passionately about safety and inclusion at her local school board meeting. Since then, her platform has grown to include education, equality, and equity for all young people. 

As part of this, Stella launched in the spring of 2020 a six-episode podcast series called Gimme The Mic that focused on elevating youth voices and perspectives around racial, disability, and queer justice.  

Beyond politics, Stella is deeply interested in the judicial system and plans to attend law school as part of her journey to becoming an elected official.  Stella loves reading, writing, sports, playing the violin, and doing artistic DIY projects. She also loves to travel; Washington D.C. and Costa Rica are her favorite trips so far.

About Stella

  • Pronouns: She, her, hers, & They, them
  • Favorite 2 songs/artists: Daya & Pentatonix (LOVE PTX!)
  • Favorite clothing line: Art Class (Target) & Old Navy
  • Dream vacation: Seeing the Great Wall in China