Meet Landon


Landon is a 15-year-old junior who is passionate about music. He plays trumpet in the marching band, honor band, full orchestra, jazz band, and student-led brass choir. He is also a member of the music honor society. He has competed in All-Region, where he ranked 1st overall in the district during his eighth-grade year and has received division one rankings in all Solo and Ensemble competitions. In addition, he has also placed competitively through art, where he received a Gold Seal at last year’s VASE competition.

Landon came out as transgender when he was eleven years old, just before the start of his seventh-grade year. He transitioned at school in the eighth grade. During the early part of his transition, he found a voice for advocacy – not only for himself but also for his fellow trans youth and his community. He started a GSA at his middle school and helped found the GSA at the high school. He has participated in local and state initiatives to expand or protect trans rights and has testified in front of his school board and state legislators. He is currently working with a coalition of GSAs to strengthen his school district’s non-discrimination policy. His advocacy can also be seen through social media, where his honesty and vulnerability provides inspiration and puts a human face to the trans experience. Through openly sharing his experiences, he hopes to help others in their own, shared commonalities.

In early April of this year, Landon delivered the “Federal Club Pitch” at the Houston HRC Chapter’s annual gala. He was able to share his story with more than 1k people and helped to garner support towards HRC’s mission. He was also featured in a June issue of the Rolling Stone, an article entitled ‘Trans in the South: Meet Kids Finding Acceptance in the Bible Belt,’ where he discussed and shared his experiences, challenges, and triumphs as a trans youth living in the South.

On Instagram, Landon is considered a “Public Figure” and has over 31k followers. Through his posts, he aims to put forth authenticity regarding his identity, experiences, passions, etc. and accessible information pertaining to transitioning, politics, and the lgbtq+ community. Being visible on social media and in his everyday life, he says, is his way of giving back to the community in which has given him so much. He also hopes that by sharing his story openly and by being visible, he assists people of all ages, backgrounds, experiences, and stages within their journeys, as figures on social media had provided that same sense of comfort and relief when he first began to explore his own trans identity.